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ALCTS Activities and News

Selected Actions: 2009

ALCTS Members Approve Revised Bylaws

In October 2009 ALCTS members were invited to vote on proposed changes to the ALCTS Bylaws in a special online election. The revisions were the result of detailed examination of the Bylaws by the ALCTS Organization and Bylaws Committee for confusing or contradictory language, outdated segments, to offer clarification of references to different groups within ALCTS and of ALCTS itself, and to analyze its presentation, currency and relevance. An overwhelming majority (99 percent) of those voting approved the revisions. The revised Bylaws are now available online at: [1]

Selected Actions: 2007 and 2008

ALCTS Public Libraries IG is Born!

ALCTS Board unanimously and enthusiastically approved the formation of an ALCTS Public Libraries Interest Group in March 2009. IG petitioners, Marlene Harris and Cynthia Whitacre, are planning an organizational meeting at the ALA Conference in Chicago. Details about the time and place of the meeting are yet to be determined, but please get the word out to the public library community about this exciting news!

ALCTS Appoints Task Group to Oversee Ten Actions

The ALCTS Executive Committee has appointed a task group to oversee work on the ten actions for ALCTS recommended by the Task Group for Feedback on the Library of Congress Working Group report. Chaired by Kate Harcourt, this group also includes Jimmie Lundgren, Allyson Carlyle, Cynthia Whitacre, Marlene Harris, Kevin Randall, and John Duke, who will serve for one year, beginning July 1, 2008.

ALCTS Seven Measures of Success Survey Activities

Using an evaluative survey mechanism developed by the American Society of Association Executives called the Seven Measures of Success, since December 2007 ALCTS has surveyed ALCTS leaders and samples of various ALCTS sections to determine how ALCTS fares when measured by seven markers of remarkable organizations. Results of surveys compiled from ALCTS leaders in advance of ALA Midwinter were shared with the ALCTS Board, who discussed the findings and identified three areas that were in particular need of further consideration: communication, data drvien strategies, and organizational adaptability. Three task groups were formed to assess the current situation with respect to each of these areas and to make recommendations concerning future activities on these topics. The reports from these task groups can be found on the ALCTS website:

Report from the Group working on Communication: [2]

Report from the Group working on Data Driven Decision Making: [3]

Report from the Group working on Organizational Adaptability: [4]

If you're interested in taking the Seven Measures Survey for ALCTS, follow this link:


ALCTS Task Group Submits its Recommendations

The ALCTS Task Group for Feedback on the Library of Congress Working Group report, "On the Record," submitted its 16 page report and separate list of ALCTS action items to the ALCTS Board at the end of March 2008. The Task Group report and list of action items are now available on the ALCTS website. Check them out:

ALCTS Recommendations for Action, On the Record: Report of the LC Working Group: [6]

Ten Actions for ALCTS to respond to the LC working group report: [7]

ALCTS Task Group on the LC Working Group Report Seeks Input

Do you have some suggestions or comments that you are eager to pass along to the ALCTS Task Group studying the recommendations made in "On the Record" (See news item following this one)? All members of ALCTS, but particularly those who are associated with ALCTS committees, sections, CRG, and discussion and interest groups, are invited to lodge their views or information on the following:

 (1) Recommendations which ALCTS should address within 1 to 3 years.
(2) Activities being undertaken by your group which address some of the report's recommendations.
(3) Recommendations with which your group could be involved or for which it could take responsibility.

Please send your statements and questions to David Miller, Chair of the Task Group, at by March 4, 2008. In your email message, please include the phrase," ALCTS TG," in the subject line.

ALCTS Board Appoints a Task Group to Analyze Recommendations of "On the Record"

On February 1, 2008 the ALCTS Board announced the formation of a Task Group to study the recommendations of the final report of the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control entitled, "On the Record." [8] The group's members are David Miller (Curry College), who is the chair, Diane Dates Casey (Governors State University), John Chapman (University of Minnesota), Kate Harcourt (Columbia University), Meg Mering (University of Nebraska), and Sally Smith (King County (WA) Library System). The group has been asked to present its findings to the ALCTS Executive Committee in March 2008.

ALCTS Board Responds to the PCC Series Policies and Practices Discussion Paper

The ALCTS Board submitted a response to "The PCC Ad Hoc Series Review Task Force Discussion Paper on PCC Series Policies and Practices" of December 14, 2007 [9] at the end of January 2008. A task force comprised of several members of the Cataloging & Classification Section and Continuing Resources Section prepared the response, which was approved by the ALCTS Board.

ALCTS Response to the Draft "Report on the Future of Bibliographic Control." [10]

On December 13, 2007 ALCTS, on behalf of ALA, prepared a response to the Report on the Future of Bibliographic Control -- Draft for Public Comment, November 30, 2007. Input and suggestions were solicited from various ALCTS groups and individuals, as well as from the wider community within ALA. What do you think about the draft Report and the comments forwarded by ALCTS? For ease of reference, here is a link to the draft Report:


ALCTS Strategic Plan, 2006-2011 [12]

The Strategic Plan is the basic road map for the Association through 2011 and was adopted by the ALCTS Board in June 2006. ALCTS units, including CRG, are in the process of populating the Strategic Planning Database with tactical initiatives. ALCTS members can visit the Strategic Planning Site to see what activities are in the works!

Definitions of Digital Preservation Adopted by ALA

The ALCTS Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS) Working Group on Defining Digital Preservation completed a set of definitions of digital preservation that was approved by the PARS and ALCTS Executive Committees at the 2007 ALA Annual Conference,approved by the ALCTS Board at the 2008 ALA Midwinter Conference, and subsequently, was adopted, along with the Revised Preservation Policy, by ALA at its final session of the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim on July 2, 2008.
Here's the original document, for your information: [13] More information about the Working Group, and background documentation is available at the Group's website: [14]

Events: E-fora, Courses, and Webinars

ALCTS E-Fora Flourish!

As announced last June, ALCTS E-fora provide an opportunity for wide discussion of topics of interest to ALCTS members and non-members alike. Since May 2008 there have been eighteen fora, most running between two and three days, and all have generated thoughtful and informative commentary. Here's a quick run-down of the fora to date:

 May 14-16, 2008: Communication & ALCTS (Moderated by Pamela Bluh and Dina Giambi)
 June 10-12, 2008: Publisher/Vendor Supplied Cataloging Records (Moderated by Pamela Bluh and Dina Giambi)
 October 8-10, 2008: Collection Development Policies for Pornography and Erotic Materials (Moderated by Michelle Martinez)
 November 18-20, 2008: Collecting Free Web Resources: Selecting,  Archiving, Metadata, Access (Moderated by Kate Harcourt, Alex Thurman, and Melanie Wacker)
 December 3-5, 2008: Institutional Repositories (Moderated by Pamela Bluh)
 January 14-26, 2009: Library Budgets and Impact on Support for Staff Development and Professional Travel (Moderated by Pamela Bluh) 
 February 10-12, 2009:  Disaster Preparedness (Moderated by Walter Cybulski and Nancy E. Craft)
 February 23-25, 2009: Copyright and Digital Collections (Moderated by Cheryl D. Walters)
 March 9-10,2009: Breaking Down the Silos: Planning for Discovery in Library 2.0 (Moderated by Dina Giambi)
 April 6-7, 2009: Library Budgets and the State of the Economy (Moderated by Lisa German and Ann Snowman)
 April 21-22, 2009: Open Source ILS: High Risk or High Reward? (Moderated by Rob Van Rennes and Clint Chamberlain)
 June 3-4, 2009: National Standards vs. Local Policies in Cataloging (Moderated by Danielle Conklin and Lora Farrell)
 June 18-19, 2009: Creating the Future of ALCTS (Moderated by Dina Giambi and Mary Case)
 September 30-October 1, 2009: Banned books, intellectual freedom, and the library (Moderated by Marilyn Wilt and Roxanne Myers Spencer)
 October 13-14, 2009: Licensing: why, when, and how (Moderated by Selden Lamoureux and Kristin Martin)
 November 18-20, 2009: The Art of Conversation: Improving Communication between Technical Services and Public Services (Moderated by Sarah Simpson and Keri Cascio)
 December 1-2, 2009: "What's on Your Mind? How Can ALCTS Service New Members? (Moderated by Keisha Manning and Dina Giambi)
 December 8-9, 2009: Opening Doors to Hidden Collections (Moderated by JoAnne Dechen and Millie Jackson)

Suggestions for other topics are quite welcome. Just contact Kristin Martin ( or Charles Wilt ( with your ideas or if you wish to volunteer to moderate a discussion.

To register for any of these fora, go to the ALA Mailing List Service site [15], click on ALCTS under the ALA division heading and choose While neither ALA nor ALCTS membership is required for participation, you'll need a login and password to register. The list homepage gives instructions for obtaining a login and password. Once you have registered for one ALCTS e-forum, you are automatically registered for all e-fora through this list.

ALCTS Electronic Forum Begins!

Growing out of an effort to improve communication with its members, ALCTS began hosting discussions on current topics of interest through an electronic discussion forum on May 8, 2008. Topics will be announced in advance, and discussion will generally last for two or three days. A facilitator will provide a summary of the discussion at the conclusion of the discussion period. The first topic considered between May 14 and 16 was communication, with Pamela Bluh and Dina Giambi serving as facilitators. Then, between June 10 and 11 ALCTS e-forum registrants discussed publisher and vendor supplied cataloging records, with Pamela and Dina continuing to serve as moderators.

To register for the forum go to the ALA Mailing List Server [16], click on ALCTS under the ALA division heading and choose While neither ALA nor ALCTS membership is required for participation, you'll need a login and password to register. The list homepage gives instructions for obtaining a login and password.

ALCTS Web Course Schedule for 2009 Now Available

Interested in learning the basics involving in acquiring library materials, including electronic resources, or in collection development management? Has ALCTS got a deal for you! For a modest fee ($109 ALCTS Members, $129, Non-members), you can register for the following three web courses offered by ALCTS this year:

Fundamentals of Acquisitions (1st session: February 23 - March 20, 2009)
Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Acquisitions (1st session: February 23 - March 20, 2009)
Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management (1st session: February 16 - March 13, 2009)

For more information, visit the ALCTS Conferences and Events webpage: [17]

Webinars on Institutional Repositories Set to Begin in April 2009

Three webinars on institutional repositories, based on the 2009 ALCTS Midwinter Symposium, will be offered by ALCTS starting in April 2009. The first entitled, "Institutional Repositories: the Promises of Yesterday and of Tomorrow," will be held on April 8, 2009 (2 p.m. EDT) and will be presented by Greg Tananbaum of ScholarNext. Registration fee per session is $39 for ALCTS members and $49 for non-members.

For more details about all three webinars, click on the following link: [[18]]

News: Links to issues of ANO and Recent Reports from the World of Library Technical Services

RDA Publication Date Announced

Originally slated to be released in November 2009, RDA will be published in June, 2010, according to a statement made by Mary Ghikas on December 3, 2009. Delays were caused by the very complex process of making the "transition from publication of AACR2 as a printed manual to the release of RDA as a web based toolkit." Pricing and purchasing information will be announced at ALA Midwinter, January 15-18, 2010.

LC Reports on Bibliographic Record Production Released

Results of LC's analysis of how bibliographic data is created and distributed in US and Canadian libraries are reported in its Study of the North American MARC Records Marketplace (October 2009), prepared by R2 Consulting LLC of Contoocook, NH, while an internal working group at LC, co-chaired by Regina Reynolds and Bruce Knarr, produced a report in September 2009, entitled, On the Record Report:Recommendations the Library of Congress Should Pursue Over the Next Four Years. Both reports make for interesting reading and are available at [19]

Comments on Interim Report on BIBCO Standard Record Requirements Solicited

The Task Group on BIBCO Standard Record Requirements was charged in November 2008 by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Committee (PoCo) to draft a set of required elements for a standard BIBCO record for presentation to the BIBCO Operations Committee and for discussion by the cataloging community this spring. The Task Group invites you to submit comments on its Interim Report, which includes a BIBCO standard record metadata application profile (MAP). [20] by April 24, 2009.

Full Draft of RDA Now Available for Comment

Set aside as much time as you can to review the full draft of RDA: Resource Description and Access, now available to all interested parties at: [21]

To be given formal consideration, comments should be sent by February 2, 2009 to the appropriate location noted at: [22]

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 20, No. 4, December 2009 [23]

Highlights of this great new issue include a hearty welcome by ANO's Editor, Mary Beth Weber, to the newly-formed Public Librarians In Technical Services Interest Group (PLTSIG) and New Members Interest Group, a "My ALCTS Experience" feature piece by Marlene Harris, one of the co-founders of the PLTSIG and CRG's very own representative to the ALCTS Membership Committee, and an overview of the survey by Joy Wang and Ryun Lee, subcommittee members of Committee of Education, Training, and Recruitment for Cataloging-Continuing Education (CETRC-CE), conducted to determine the availability of online or distance education courses in cataloging, classification and metadata in North American library schools.

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 20, No. 3, September 2009 [24]

Another very full and informative issue! Main features are ALCTS committee reports, call for nominations for ALCTS awards, letters from our ALCTS leadership, and a new, year-long initiative-- focus on public libraries and librarians within technical services in support of the new Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group.

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 20, No. 2, June 2009 [25]

Along with a rundown of ALCTS offerings at ALA Annual in Chicago, you'll want to catch the notice about the first meeting of the brand new Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group and Janet Lee-Smeltzer's write-up about CRG's first online membership meeting this past March.

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 20, No. 1, March 2009 [26]

Don your Snuggie and pour yourself a nice hot cup of tea because you'll want to settle in to read through the ALA Midwinter reports from ALCTS sections and CRG, and the 2009 elections information, including interesting details about the candidates for ALA President, Kent Oliver and Roberta Stevens, and for ALCTS President, Dale Swensen and Cynthia Whitacre, among other features in this highly informative issue.

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 19, No. 6, December 2008 [27]

ALCTS has much to offer at the upcoming ALA Midwinter Conference! See full details of the programs, fora, and interest group meetings, as well as links to the schedule of ALCTS meetings, in this issue.

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 19, no. 4-5, August/October 2008 [28]

Included in this very full and informative issue are annual reports (July 2007 through June 2008) from Pamela Bluh, ALCTS President for 2007/2008, along with those from the ALCTS sections, CRG, and many task groups, as well as reports of forums and programs at ALA in Anaheim.

LC's full response to the LCWG Report: [29]

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 19, no. 3, June 2008 [30]

An article on CRG by Elaine Yontz, Past Chair of CRG, is spotlighted in this issue, along with a notice for our CRG forum in the News section, and a nice plug for this ALCTS News Section of the CRG Wiki. Many other informative features, including the ALCTS election results, a reflective by Norm Medeiros on his ALCTS experience, Charles Wilt's letter on ALCTS and organizational adaptability, and a comprehensive schedule of ALCTS meetings and activities at ALA in Anaheim can also be found in fantastic issue.

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 19, no. 2, April 2008 [31]

Highlights of this issue include a fascinating interview with Linda Harris Mehr, Director of the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a special April 1st message from Charles Wilt, a feature article on ALCTS CCS, and a wealth of information about ALA Annual in Anaheim -- previews of ALCTS programs of special interest, a handy listing of ALCTS meetings, programs, and other events, announcements of awards to be bestowed, and more. Take a few minutes to give it a gander.

Statement from the Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine, and the National Agricultural Library on RDA

On May 1, 2008 Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian for Library Services at the Library of Congress, disseminated a statement issued jointly by LC, NLM, and NAL to inform librarians about an approach the three libraries have developed to implement RDA. This statement anticipates a full response to the report, "On the Record," in early June 2008 and is shared here to further the discussion on RDA within ALCTS and CRG. [32]

ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO): Volume 19, no. 1, February 2008 [33]

This Newsletter, generally referred to as ANO, is published six times yearly and is available on the ALCTS web site. ALCTS members and others interested in issues addressed by ALCTS can keep current on Association activities through this timely "voice of the association."