CC:DA Task Forces ( -2016)

Task Force on Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3

Formed: March 14, 2011
Reconstituted: March 5, 2013
Chair: Lapka/Hillmann (originally Rolla, then Lapka)
Charge: interim report at Annual 2011, final report at Midwinter 2012
Charge after reconstitution: draft proposal and status update at Annual 2013, interim report at Midwinter 2014, draft discussion paper at Annual 2014; revised timeline: proposal at Annual 2015
Submitted: oral report (Annual 2011); oral report (Midwinter 2012); discussion paper (Annual 2012); interim report (Annual 2013); oral report (Midwinter 2014); oral report (Annual 2014); strawman proposal (Midwinter 2015); proposal (Annual 2015)


Task Force to Investigate Definitions of and Instructions for Accompanying Material in RDA: Charge and Roster

Formed: January 19, 2016
Chair: Elyssa Gould
Charge: Joint CC:DA/CCC discussion paper at Annual 2016

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