2019 ALCTS Slate of Candidates

The ALA elections are now open, and all members are encouraged to vote March 11 through April 3.

2019 ALA Elections
2019 ALA Elections, March 11–April 3

This is a critical election for ALA and ALCTS as we will see a new ALA Executive Director appointed and most of the ALA senior management will retire within a year or so. With such changes, the candidates you elect in this election will be entering a new era for ALA and ALCTS.

The following are candidates running for positions within ALCTS:


Vice-President/President-Elect (2019–2022)

  • Christopher Cronin (Columbia University)
  • Santi Thompson (University of Houston)

Director at Large (2019–2022)

  • Erin Leach (University of Georgia)
  • Lori Robare (University of Oregon)

Acquisitions Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2019–2022)

  • Erika Johnson (University of San Francisco)
  • Angie Ohler (University of Maryland)

Member at Large (2019–2022) (one to be elected)

  • Jeff Eller (Wake Forest University)
  • Trey Shelton (University of Florida)

Secretary (2019–2022)

  • Alison Bobal (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
  • Sara Duff (University of Central Florida)

Cataloging & Metadata Management Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2019–2022)

  • Amber Billey (Bard College)
  • Robert Rendall (Columbia University)

Member at Large (2019–2022) (one to be elected)

  • Martin Knott (University of Michigan)
  • Hayley Moreno (OCLC)

Secretary (2019–2022)

  • Linda Ballinger (Penn State University)
  • Jessica Hayden (University of Northern Colorado)

Collection Management Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2019–2022)

  • Erika Ripley (UNC Chapel Hill)
  • George Stachokas (Auburn University)

Member at Large (2019–2022) (one to be elected)

  • Michael Hughes (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
  • Nancy Mitchell Poehlmann (University at Albany, SUNY)

Continuing Resources Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2019–2022)

  • Rachel Fleming (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)
  • Steve Kelley (Wake Forest University)

Member at Large (2019–2022) (one to be elected)

  • Anita Foster (Ohio State University)
  • Margaret Mering (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Preservation & Reformatting Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2019–2022)

  • Martha Horan (University of Miami)

Member at Large (2019–2022) (one to be elected)

  • Fletcher Durant (University of Florida)
  • Miriam Centeno (University of Illinois)

Secretary (2019–2022)

  • Jessica Phillips (University of North Texas)
  • Robin Hutchison (Texas A & M University)

Learn more about ALA Elections and the election process.

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