ANMIG Interviews CRS Cataloging Committee Member Kevin Balster

Whether you are a library school student or new library professional, navigating the ALCTS committee-scape can be overwhelming. To illustrate what committee work entails and how you can get involved, Sarah Cruz and Kumiko Reichert of the ALCTS New Members Interest Group (ANMIG for short) talked with committee leaders from each ALCTS section and asked them to tell us first-hand about their roles. Their interview with Kevin Balster, a member of the ALCTS Continuing Resources Section (CRS) Cataloging Committee, is the fourth of six leading up to the 2019 ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Introduce your committee.

The CRS Cataloging Committee (CRCC for short) serves as a forum for discussion of all issues related to the cataloging of continuing resources in all formats, especially among the many parties involved in continuing resources cataloging, including the Library of Congress, the CONSER program, CC:DA, MARBI, and the broader continuing resources cataloging community.

We believe CRCC has a very unique mission and charge with the clear focus on “cataloging standards, guidelines, best practices.”

Kevin Balster, member of the CRS Cataloging Committee

How long have you been part of the committee, first as member and then as chair?

I have been serving as a member for a year and a half. Our current chair is Julie Su.

What are the committee’s current or future projects?

The committee is currently working on planning a forum for ALA Midwinter 2019 about the impact of the new IFLA Library Reference Model on continuing resources

Are student members encouraged to serve on this committee? Or is it a better fit for professionals with experience in that department?

We recommend that members have some familiarity with current trends in continuing resources.

How do you keep up to date with cataloging trends?

Our main focus to promote trends in continuing resources cataloging by providing a venue for information sharing and discussion related to the Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER), the ISSN International Centre, the ALCTS Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access (CC:DA), and other cataloging communities of practice.

How time intensive is the committee’s work? What is expected of members?

Our work is not very time intensive. Most work takes place in the lead up to the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference and is focused on planning the forum.

What is the best way for a new member to join your committee?

Fill out the ALCTS volunteer form, and indicate your interest in CRCC.

Do you see the committee’s duties or mission evolving if ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA merge?

We believe CRCC has a very unique mission and charge with the clear focus on “cataloging standards, guidelines, best practices.” We could certainly collaborate with LITA, which brings expertise on technology and platforms for data organization and management, but we see less overlap with LLAMA, which focuses on library organization and personnel management.

The CRS Cataloging Forum at ALA Midwinter 2019 will take place on Monday, January 28 at 1:00 p.m. The topic is “Diachronic Works, the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM), and RDA: Three Perspectives.” Anyone is welcome to attend!

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