Focus on Committees & Interest Groups: PARS Preservation Outreach Committee

Today we are learning about the great work of the Preservation Outreach Committee! Read on to learn about their programs and how you can get involved in initiatives like Preservation Week!

What’s the mission of the Preservation Outreach Committee?

The Preservation Outreach Committee develops and facilitates activities to promote awareness about preservation to the public, libraries, and other cultural institutions through initiatives such as Preservation Week and Preservation in Action. Working closely with ALCTS staff, we promote these efforts by performing outreach to the public, libraries, and other cultural institutions via social media, developing programming for the ALCTS Continuing Education Committee, and maintaining preservation-focused resources for the Preservation Week website.

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Tell us about some past projects of your committee of which you’re particularly proud.

Since 2010 the committee has developed more than 20 free webinars focused on preservation issues relevant to library and archives professionals and the patrons they serve. These great resources are produced in collaboration with the ALCTS Continuing Education Committee.

2018 will be the third year of Preservation in Action, a day of service intended to promote an understanding of the importance of preservation while engaging with cultural heritage collections in ALA conference locations. The initiative seeks to highlight collections of great local significance, which may not have access to the resources available to many of the institutions represented by our membership.

How has the focus of your committee changed over time?

We began as the Preservation Week Working Group in 2010 and grew into the Preservation Week Committee in 2014. In 2016 the committee expanded with a new name and a new charge. Now the Preservation Outreach Committee, the members work each year to support two major outreach efforts, Preservation Week in April and Preservation in Action during the ALA Annual Conference.

What are the future directions of your committee?’

Our biggest goal is to continue putting on two great annual events and expand their reach in the library community. Goals we may pursue in the future include creating resources to help cultural heritage institutions and other professional organizations plan community-oriented events similar to “Preservation in Action” and partnering with other professional organizations to develop programming for preservation outreach.

What upcoming programming, publications, or initiatives would you like to share with readers of ALCTS News?

Keep an eye out on ALCTS lists and social media for upcoming announcements about the 2018 Preservation Week Honorary Chair, 2018 webinar themes, and details on Preservation in Action in New Orleans.

What’s the best way for ALCTS members to get involved with your committee?

The best way to become directly involved with the committee is to volunteer! ALCTS values committed and active committee members. Qualified members are welcome to volunteer to serve on the committee. Members must be willing to devote time to this effort, but conference travel is not a requirement. Most meetings take place via conference calls.

You can also be involved by putting on a Preservation Week event. Screen a new or archived webinar, print flyers, bookmarks and posters, or share your preservation activities through Preservation Week’s presence on Facebook or Twitter. Look out for the opportunity to sign up for the Preservation in Action event at the ALA Annual Conference. Spots for this program go quickly!

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