Committee or Interest Group? Let ANMIG Help You Figure It Out!

This new year, consider becoming a member of an Interest Group or Committee with ALCTS! Not sure where to start? ALCTS New Member Interest Group would like to present an easy-to-read chart providing information about getting involved with either an interest group or a committee.

Decision chart with the following yes/no questions: Do you prefer a self-governed, self-created group? Do you have 10 or more ALCTS members? Do you want to do work guided by a specific charge? Do you want to direct programming or discussions?

You might prefer an interest group if you prefer a self-governed, self-created group, have 10+ members, and want to direct programming.

You might prefer a committee if you prefer a group that's not self-created and is guided by a specific charge.

You might like to serve as an ALCTS member-at-large if you're flexible about self-created groups versus those guided by a specific charge, but you're less interested in directing programming or discussions.

This infographic is meant to help you decide which category would be suited to your needs and interests. The processes shown are based in current group structures and are subject to change given the proposal for ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA to form a new ALA division, Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures.

Check out  ALCTS Interest Groups and ALCTS Committees to learn more, and fill out this form to volunteer.

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