Get Updates on the Proposed ALCTS/LITA/LLAMA New Division

ALCTS, LITA (Library & Information Technology Association), and LLAMA (Library Leadership & Management Association) are exploring the possibility of joining forces to create a new combined division.

Want the latest information about the proposed new division? Check out the new Project Update page, which compiles the latest information about the proposed new combined division, including how we got here, what work is happening now, how people can provide feedback and get involved, what is still to be done, and a project timeline.

How else can I provide feedback about the proposed new division? Your input will be invaluable as these discussions continue. You may ask questions or provide feedback about the possible merger using the ALCTS/LLAMA/LITA Alignment Discussion Board on the new ALA Connect (requires an ALA account to log in) or via an anonymous Google Form. Your feedback will be read carefully, and your questions will be answered to the best of our ability.

Starting the week of October 8 we’ll be asking a series of discussion questions to get additional feedback. Follow the discussion on ALA Connect or on Twitter at #ALANewDivision.

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