Proposal by BL: Revision of 0.6 Core Elements

18 June 2014

Revision of 0.6 Core Elements

British Library (BL)

6JSC/BL/15/rev/ALA response  Revision of 0.6 Core Elements (September 6, 2014)

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14 Responses to Proposal by BL: Revision of 0.6 Core Elements

  1. John Myers says:

    There is a clear difference in treatment regarding Core elements between 0.6.2 Attributes of Manifestation and Item and the subsequent guidance in 0.6.3-0.6.7 regarding the attributes of other entities addressed by RDA. There is room for improvement here. But I do not feel that abandoning a centralized, early list of such elements is the solution. The current structure corresponds to the “levels of description” rules in AACR2. It is the essential guidance on what constitutes or fails to constitute an acceptable RDA record. I like the early and clear articulation of “Cardinality.” The main thrust of the proposal is unacceptable.

  2. Robert L. Maxwell says:

    I agree with John. I disagree with removing the core element list–0.6.2 is a convenient list of all the core elements in RDA and I always use it when I’m doing RDA training.


  3. Kathy Glennan says:

    Note that the core element instructions in 1.3, 5.3, 8.3, 17.3, 18.3, 24.3 and 29.3 are unaffected by this proposal.

    It also seems clear that some comprehensive list will still be available for core elements — hence the BL “link to authoritative source” at the end of 0.6.2.

  4. Kathy Glennan says:

    Is the proposed title “Conformance” at 0.6.4 acceptable? Do we have anything else to suggest?

  5. Kathy Glennan says:

    I disagree with John & Bob. The duplication here is a problem for the continued maintenance of RDA, and it violates one of my personal principles in document design: whenever possible, make a reference – don’t quote.
    The current 0.6.2 is duplicated in 1.3.
    The current 0.6.3 is duplicated in 5.3
    The current 0.6.4 is duplicated in 8.3.
    The current 0.6.5 is duplicated in 17.3.
    The current 0.6.6 is duplicated in 18.3.
    In the ALA proposal for subjects, 0.6.7 is duplicated in 23.3.
    The current 0.6.8 is duplicated in 24.3.
    The current 0.6.9 is duplicated in 29.3.

    • Robert L. Maxwell says:

      Yes, and they’re all duplicated in the core statements at the individual rules. The 0.6 list is a convenient place where ALL the core elements are listed, not split out here and there throughout the document.

  6. Kathy Glennan says:

    Given the current linkages between 0.6 and the subsequent instructions entitled “Core elements”, should the revised 0.6 refer to those instructions somehow? If so, how?

    One possibility…

    In 0.6.4, 1st sentence, add the following reference at the end (in italics below):
    At a minimum, a resource description for a work, expression, manifestation, or item should include all the core elements that are applicable and readily ascertainable (see 1.3).

    This practice could be extended to the rest of the instruction, although I think it’s a bit less clear about how to proceed with that (references to 5.3, 8.3, 17.3 and 18.3 are all about entities associated with a resource — I think).

    If we like this reference approach, we may want to suggest rewording for the paragraphs in the new 0.6.4 (although the 1st paragraph is probably basically OK).


    • Dominique Bourassa says:

      I see your point, Kathy. I like the idea of making a reference to 1.3 and other relevant sections in 0.6.4. But I agree it might be difficult to formulate this. I was also wondering if it would be possible to make the reference to 1.3, 5.3, 8.3, 17.3, 18.3, 24.3 and 29.3 at the end of “0.6.2 Core elements” (instead or in addition to “link to authoritative source”). Something along the lines of what we see elsewhere in RDA where we have a list showing where to go for certain instructions. Again, I am not sure exactly how to word this correctly:
      a) For core elements recorded when describing a manifestation or item, see 1.3
      b) For core elements recorded when identifying a work and expression, see 5.3
      c) For core elements recorded when identifying a person, family, or corporate body, see 8.3

      • Tina Shrader says:

        I agree that this is a good solution.

        Personally, I don’t have a problem with the proposal as written, but I think this would be a good enhancement.

  7. Robert Bratton says:

    In some contexts, I think duplication is a wonderful thing. In this case, I agree with Kathy that it is potentially confusing and unnecessary. I like Dominique’s idea for making the references/links.

  8. Tracey L. Snyder says:

    I also like Dominique’s approach. I think the tidy, brief list of references to the relevant X.3 instructions is a must.

  9. Steve Kelley says:

    I lean slightly toward leaving the list of core elements where it is, but I don’t feel very strongly one way or the other.

  10. Lori Robare says:

    I’ve used the list in 0.6 in training and found it very useful, but a brief list of references to lists elsewhere in RDA as Dominique suggests would work well.

  11. John Myers says:

    Much as I like this centralized gathering of information, Kathy’s argument has swayed me to let it go. As I mentioned previously, it is closely modeled on AACR2’s early presentation of Levels of Description. Given RDA’s shift away from a composite bibliographic description towards individual entity descriptions though, the articulation of Core elements at the point of addressing the elements for a given entity is adequate. I hope a set of cross references will adequately serve training needs.

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