Proposal by BL: Changes to Appendix D.0 and D.1.3.1

5 June 2014

Changes to Appendix D.0 and D.1.3.1

British Library (BL)

6JSC/BL/17/ALA response  Changes to Appendix D.0 and D.1.3.1  (September 10, 2014)

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5 Responses to Proposal by BL: Changes to Appendix D.0 and D.1.3.1

  1. John Myers says:

    Although the proposal lacks sufficient RDA text for adequate context (and lacks justification altogether for the change to D.1.3.1), comparison of the current RDA text and the proposed change confirms these are reasonable simplifications.

  2. Kathy Glennan says:

    The references to the JSC minutes provide the context John asks about above. For CC:DA’s convenience, I have included them here:

    452.3 During the harmonization discussions between the Review Group and the JSC during the 2011 JSC meeting in Glasgow, the Review Group agreed to review RDA D.1. The Review Group noted in its response that the scope as described in RDA D.0 (mapping of RDA to ISBD) does not match what is in D.1 (mapping of ISBD to RDA). Alan Danskin volunteered to revise the text of D.0. ACTION=BL rep

    452.8 The JSC reviewed the comments about appendix D.1 in the Review Group response.
    #1: They noted that the current structure of D.1 from ISBD to RDA was intended as a bridge for those people who know ISBD.
    #2: They supported continued collaboration.
    #3: They agreed that the goal is to point to a single document.
    #4: They agreed to remove the content in D.1.3 and instead give a reference to Appendix A in the consolidated edition.
    #5: They supported the future location of the D.1 information on the Tools tab of RDA Toolkit so it would be available without a subscription to the Toolkit.

  3. Kathy Glennan says:

    I support this proposal as written.

  4. Steve Kelley says:

    I support this proposal as well.

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