RSC Paper on RDA Conformance

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Gordon Dunsire,
RSC Technical Team Liaison Officer
May 12, 2020

The RSC is soliciting feedback on the following paper that will be discussed at the July asynchronous meeting: RDA conformance.

This informative paper explains what is RDA-conformant metadata, “presents a draft expansion of RDA Toolkit guidance to accommodate the topic,” and asks three questions:

“Question 1: Should the RSC offer conformance certification in addition to the passive guidance included in the Toolkit?

Question 2: Should the Toolkit include content for assessing conformance for specific application communities? Content might include examples, alignments and mappings for parsing metadata statements, and decision trees.

Question 3: Should the RSC offer additional technical guidance and support for conformance, interoperability, and mappings between RDA metadata and non-RDA applications?”

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