Revision of the Beta Toolkit Menu Tab for Resources

Gordon Dunsire
RSC Technical Team Liaison Officer
15 June 2020

Revision of the Beta Toolkit Menu Tab for Resources

This paper proposes a further re-organization of the Resource menu of the beta RDA Toolkit, as part of the SES (String Encoding Scheme) Project. The final layout of guidance and instructions within this menu is dependent on discussions about the wider issues of incorporating and managing ‘community’ tools in the Toolkit.

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3 Responses to Revision of the Beta Toolkit Menu Tab for Resources

  1. Ryan Tamares says:

    Comment from AALL:

    Re: toolkit menu: A respondent completely agrees that standardization of menu structure and capitalization should be ubiquitous, but likes recommendation 2 which suggests that actual rules for data entry in actual metadata production should be moved to “the general guidance on capitalization of transcriptions to the Guidelines on normalized transcription​”

  2. Keith Knop says:

    Comments from MLA:

    We support these recommendations. However, it was not initially clear to us where language-specific capitalization guidance was intended to reside in the proposed revised menu structure. It will hopefully be clearly signposted in the guidance chapter for normalized transcription, as “Vocabulary Encoding Schemes” is not the most intuitive heading for someone seeking language capitalization rules.

  3. Kathryn Lybarger says:

    This seems more organized, but I worry about the usability of a menu tree that deep. Also, I expect the Community Vocabularies list will grow over time, and then that part of the menu will be a lot to scroll through as well. (Under “Terms in specific languages”, I assume that will be a link to a page with the 64 languages, rather than the individual languages in the menu?)

    I do like that you can click at an earlier level (like “Books of the Bible”) to get to a more static page with the full list.

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