Task Force for the Romanization of Greek

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CC:DA/TF/Romanization of Greek/1

May 11, 2010


The Task Force for the Romanization of Greek is charged with assessing draft Romanization tables for Greek, educating CC:DA as necessary, and preparing necessary reports to support the revision process, leading to ultimate approval of an updated ALA-LC Romanization scheme for Greek. In particular, it should review the May 2010 draft for a timely report by ALA to LC. Review of subsequent tables may be called for, depending on the viability of this latest draft.

CC:DA/TF/Romanization of Greek/2

May 11, 2010


Helen Schmierer, Chair
University of Illinois at Chicago LibraryDavid Jenkins
Princeton University Library

George Johnston
University of Cincinnati Libraries

Robert L. Maxwell
Brigham Young UniversityAnthony Oddo
Yale University

Robert Rendall
Columbia University Libraries

CC:DA/TF/Romanization of Greek/3

May 18, 2010

Report: Task Force for the Review of the Romanization of Greek

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