ALA Proposals and Discussion Papers 2014

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Please use the blog posts listed below for further discussion of our own proposals submitted to the JSC and the responses they have received.

· 6JSC/ALA/27, Revision of RDA and Source of numbering within series and subseries:

· 6JSC/ALA/28, Creating a priority order for Sources of Information in Date of Manufacture element (RDA

· 6JSC/ALA/29, Clarifying core element status for “not identified” elements in the Distribution and Manufacture Statements (RDA 2.9 and 2.10):

· 6JSC/ALA/30, Using the mark of omission when recording titles (RDA 6.2):

· 6JSC/ALA/31, Subject Relationship Element in RDA Chapter 23:

· 6JSC/ALA/32, Expanding the scope of Statement of Responsibility in RDA 2.4 and eliminating the instructions for Performers, Narrators, Presenters (RDA 7.23), and Artistic and/or Technical Credits (RDA 7.24):

· 6JSC/ALA/33, Clarifying instructions for Sequences of Plates (RDA

· 6JSC/ALA/34, Eliminating the instructions for Date of Expression of a Religious Work (RDA 6.24) and modifying the instructions for Authorized Access Point Representing an Expression of the Bible (RDA

· 6JSC/ALA/35, Creating instructions for using nominative case for titles (RDA 6.2), names (RDA 8.5), and places (RDA 16.2):

· 6JSC/ALA/36, Clarifying instructions for Recording Duration (RDA 7.22) and Note on Carrier (RDA 3.21):

· 6JSC/ALA/Discussion/4, Transcription issues associated with the Production Statement (RDA 2.7):

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