Revision proposal for RDA instructions for laws, etc.

16 December 2014

Revision proposal for RDA instructions for laws, etc.

Robert Bratton, representative, American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)

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9 Responses to Revision proposal for RDA instructions for laws, etc.

  1. Kathy Glennan says:

    The JSC has agreed to wording changes for, which will be published as part of the April Update. Thus, the wording suggested for that instruction in this proposal will have to be adjusted.

  2. Robert Bratton says:

    Hi Kathy,

    We would need to change the proposal to say: eliminate the “c) etc. in the title Laws, etc. (see” instead of “b)…” is that correct?

  3. Kathy Glennan says:

    Since may also apply to single laws, I think the text “, as applicable” should be added to the final paragraph in

    • Robert Bratton says:

      Kathy, I’m not following you. Could you please explain?

      • Kathy Glennan says:

        Well, you’re right that the language I suggested isn’t particularly graceful: “…apply instead the instructions at and, as applicable.”

        So, maybe we’re OK as is.

        To better explain my comment above, it struck me that not all of 6.19.2. applies to compilations, since it includes “a single ancient, medieval, or customary law”. However, that instruction really just serves as a reference to and, so I don’t think this is a big problem, if it is one at all!

  4. Kathy Glennan says:

    In, I’m not really comfortable with the term “designation”, since that has other specific meanings in RDA. Would “title” work as a substitution, or is there another more specific term that we could propose?

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