Create New Sub-Instructions in RDA 2.17 (RDA and RDA

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7 Responses to Create New Sub-Instructions in RDA 2.17 (RDA and RDA

  1. Robert Bratton says:

    Kathy, thumbs up. This codifies existing practices.

  2. Tina Shrader says:

    This makes sense to me.

  3. Matthew Haugen says:

    It appears the word “to” is missing in the instruction heading “ Other Information Relating Numbering of Serials”. Otherwise, this looks good to me as well.

  4. Elizabeth O'Keefe says:

    This looked very good to me, too.

  5. Kathy Glennan says:

    Comment received from Susan Sundquist, Metadata Librarian, Serials, Research Library, Getty Research Institute (reposting here with her permission):

    I am in favor of adding this instruction but find that the example given under, i.e.
    “Serial numbering printed on page 4 of cover mistakenly as: vol. 9, no. 2,”
    illustrates a numbering error. Numbering errors are already covered under – “Complex or irregular numbering,” the text of which in part reads “Make notes on complex or irregular numbering of a serial, or numbering errors …” There are several such examples under that section already. (The above example is itself faulty because it fails to note on which issue the incorrect numbering appears.)

    Very minor concern on the second example: It might be made more realistic by adding from where the cataloger got the numbering, e.g., a list on a publisher’s website.

    “Numbering of final issue, dated December 31, 2014, supplied by cataloger from listing of issues on publisher’s website.”

    Thus, in giving the final issue elsewhere, this cataloger would have bracketed the numbering, e.g.:

    Began with: No. 1 (January 1, 2013).
    Ceased with: [No. 24] (December 31, 2014).

    In this scenario, all the other issues are numbered, the final one lacked numbering, the cataloger found it listed as no. 24 on the publisher’s web site…and the cataloger added a note about that fact.

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