RSC/Operations/4 — Policy and Procedures for Updating RDA Content

6 August 2019

NARDAC members have been asked to share these operations documents with our constituencies for feedback, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. CC:DA, please review and comment by September 24th.

CC:DA members are also encouraged to read and respond to these additional operations documents:

  • RSC/Operations/1 — Policy and Procedures for RSC Operations
  • RSC/Operations/2 — RSC Position Responsibilities
  • RSC/Operations/3 — General Terms of Reference for RSC Working Groups 
  • RSC/Operations/5 — Guidelines for Proposals, Discussion Papers, and Responses to Them
  • RSC/Operations/6 — Policy and procedures for RSC Meetings
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5 Responses to RSC/Operations/4 — Policy and Procedures for Updating RDA Content

  1. Tim Kiser says:

    This looks good to me.

  2. Mary Huismann says:

    Two of the documents in the Resources Tab drop-down (Books of the Bible and Terms for Medium of Performance are not listed as being an official part of RDA content – it might be good to add an explanation that these documents aren’t officially RDA content (like the explanation that is given for examples).

  3. Kathryn Lybarger says:

    1. For the first paragraph on page 3, I suggest:

    The relevant RSC member provides advice on how to frame suggested changes, determines if the suggested changes warrant submission to the RSC, and vets them for completeness and conformance to RSC guidelines.

    (change from “X and Y and Z” to “X, Y, and Z” and re-order)

    2. The last sentence on page 6 (“The content of each revision to RDA…”) reads a bit funny around the word “agreed”. Should this be “agreed on”? “approved”?

  4. Calli Neumann says:

    I do not see any issues in document 4.

  5. Nancy Mitchell Poehlmann says:

    Mary’s suggestion is a good one–overall, these policies look good to me.

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