Romanization tables for Bulgarian, Serbian, and Macedonian

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CC:DA needs to examine and approve these Romanization tables in response to this announcement by PSD. Please take a moment to examine them in order to approve them after the constituency review, which ends in July. See the announcement below from PSD.

Proposal for Revision of the Bulgarian, Serbian, and Macedonian Romanization Tables

The Policy and Standards Division of the Library of Congress has received revision proposals for the Bulgarian and the Serbian and Macedonian ALA-LC romanization tables from Dr. Nikolay Valkov of Harvard University. The Bulgarian proposal corrects several minor typographical errors and adds language that clarifies the romanization of the Bulgarian letter ะช. The Serbian and Macedonian table has historically combined romanization for these two languages. Serbian and Macedonian are two separate languages that use similar alphabets. It is proposed that each have a separate ALA-LC romanization table.

The revision proposals are available for downloading; Bulgarian  [PDF, 99 KB], Macedonian [PDF, 88 KB], and Serbian  [PDF, 85 KB].

Comments on these proposals may be sent to Bruce Johnson, Policy and Standards Division ( by July 11, 2013.


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