ALA comments on RDA Governance Review

19 December 2014

ALA comments on RDA Governance Review

Robert Rendall, Chair, ALA/ALCTS/CaMMS Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

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One Response to ALA comments on RDA Governance Review

  1. Matthew Haugen says:

    The RDA governance proposal was raised for discussion on the rare materials cataloging listserv and received no comment. While we thus have no concrete input as to the ideal structure of the JSC, I believe the ALA comments generally represent the interests of specialist communities like that of rare materials catalogers. I think the current arrangement of constituencies and liaisonships provides adequate opportunity for RBMS as a section of ALA/ACRL to advocate for its own interests as well as to provide specialist guidance on proposals from other constituencies. We are currently in a situtation of authoring our own descriptive standards to align with RDA, in addition to participating in the development of RDA when appropriate. I imagine the question of alignment vs. adoption is very relevant to other specialist communities who maintain their own descriptive standards as well. Some such potential partners may may lack the resources needed to adopt RDA or actively participate in its development with respect to their interests, or they may not consider it a priority. This may result in a chicken-and-egg situation between their potential interests in RDA and the JSC’s ability to represent those interests, so I’m glad that JSC is considering ways to be more inclusive of international and specialist constituencies. It does seem there are multiple opportunities and entry points for participation within the structure of national representation, committee liaisonships, and review at whatever level of ability or priority is appropriate to them, but attempts to lower those barriers and to reach out to new and potentially underrepresented constituencies benefit us all.

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