Optional Addition

22 June 2015 Optional Addition


Submitted by Alan Danskin, British Library

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8 Responses to Optional Addition

  1. Matthew Haugen says:

    Seems sensible.

    I note a typo in the clean copy; it should be e-ISBN, not e-ISSN.

  2. John Myers says:

    This accords with current cataloging practice. Nonetheless, on my first reading it felt wonky and circular. Presumably, in a fully linked bibliographic data-verse, this kind of information would be passed through from the data associated with the related manifestation.

  3. Kathy Glennan says:

    OK by me. Thanks to Matt for catching that typo!

  4. Robert Bratton says:

    This seems reasonable.

    Would you ever want to record an identifier for a related manifestation that is *not* of the same expression?

  5. Lori Robare says:

    From Adam Schiff:

    I see two issues with this proposal that could be raised:

    1. It doesn’t explain why a qualifier isn’t used after the identifier: e.g. would this format be equally valid in the example?:
    978-3-11-023500-5 (e-book)

    2. Does it work with other instructions that are in 2.15? For example the third example in shows print and electronic ISBNs being recorded with qualifiers. Does this example need to be changed in any way? Deleted?

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