ALA Proposals and Responses to be Discussed at November 2015 JSC Meeting

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6JSC/ALA/37: Eliminating “Laws, etc.” as a conventional collective title (RDA,, etc.)

13 pages

6JSC/ALA/38 – Create RDA 2.17.14, Note on Identifier for the Manifestation

2 pages

6JSC/ALA/39 – Expand the scope of RDA 2.17.5, Note on Numbering of Serials, and 2.17.11, Note on Series Statement

9 pages

6JSC/ALA/40 – Revision to RDA 3.1.4, Resources Consisting of More than One Carrier Type and RDA, Recording Extent

15 pages

6JSC/ALA/41: Additional instructions in Chapter 27 for Structured Descriptions of the “Contained in” and “Container of” Relationships

16 pages

6JSC/ALA/42 – Clarify Sources of Information for Statement of Responsibility Relating to Title Proper (RDA, etc.)

6 pages

6JSC/ALA/43 – Revision and Expansion of RDA Appendix K: Relationship Designators: Relationships Between Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies

24 pages

6JSC/ALA/44 – New Chapter 3 elements for Optical Disc Data Storage Format and Optical Disc Recording Method

9 pages

6JSC/ALA/45 – Referential relationships: RDA Chapter 24-28 and Appendix J

26 pages

6JSC/ALA/Discussion/5: Machine-Actionable Data Elements for Measurements, Extent of the Carrier, Pagination and Foliation, Dimensions, Extent of the Content, and Duration – Discussion Paper (2015)

205 pages

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