RSC/Operations/1 — Policy and Procedures for RSC Operations

6 August 2019

NARDAC members have been asked to share these operations documents with our constituencies for feedback, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. CC:DA, please review and comment by September 24th.

CC:DA members are also encouraged to read and respond to these additional operations documents:

  • RSC/Operations/2 — RSC Position Responsibilities
  • RSC/Operations/3 — General Terms of Reference for RSC Working Groups 
  • RSC/Operations/4 — Policy and Procedures for Updating RDA Content
  • RSC/Operations/5 — Guidelines for Proposals, Discussion Papers, and Responses to Them
  • RSC/Operations/6 — Policy and procedures for RSC Meetings
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One Response to RSC/Operations/1 — Policy and Procedures for RSC Operations

  1. Kathryn Lybarger says:

    The content looks fine to me. One minor thing:

    On page 4, there are a few spots in the table where “chair” is capitalized when used as a verb. I think it should be either “they will chair the group” or “they will serve as Chair of the group”.

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