RSC/Operations/2 — RSC Position Responsibilities

1 August 2019

NARDAC members have been asked to share these operations documents with our constituencies for feedback, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. CC:DA, please review and comment by September 24th.

CC:DA members are also encouraged to read and respond to these additional operations documents:

  • RSC/Operations/1 — Policy and Procedures for RSC Operations 
  • RSC/Operations/3 — General Terms of Reference for RSC Working Groups 
  • RSC/Operations/4 — Policy and Procedures for Updating RDA Content
  • RSC/Operations/5 — Guidelines for Proposals, Discussion Papers, and Responses to Them
  • RSC/Operations/6 — Policy and procedures for RSC Meetings
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2 Responses to RSC/Operations/2 — RSC Position Responsibilities

  1. Mary Huismann says:

    One of the expectations of RSC members is to “Contribute to the review and signing-off of approved derivatives of RDA content
    (excluding translations)”– I didn’t find an explanation or examples of “derivatives of RDA content.” I’m assuming this means products like “RDA in print” or “RDA Essentials” but would it also include things like policy statements or application profiles?

  2. Kathryn Lybarger says:

    Content looks good to me. A few minor things:

    On page 6, there is an instance of “ex-officio” where the document mostly uses “ex officio”.

    On page 7, one of the bullet points says “marking materials” — should this be “marketing materials”? (or do i not know what marking materials are?)

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