Week 2: CC:DA Review of JSC Proposals (Comments Due by Friday, Aug. 21, 2015)

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Here are the links to our blog posts for the next five proposals on which we will focus. They are proposals from the British Library, the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing, and the Library of Congress suggesting changes to chapter 2 of RDA.

6JSC/BL rep/2: Simplification of RDA 2.7-2.10. Follow Up
& 6JSC/BL rep/2/Appendix B: Simplification of RDA 2.7-2.10. Follow up/Appendix B
41 pages

6JSC/BL/26: 2.7 Production Statement: Changing Method of Recording
22 pages

6JSC/BL/25: Optional Addition
2 pages

6JSC/CCC/18/rev: Recording Numbering for a Series (
3 pages

6JSC/LC/32: Revision to Instructions for Devised Titles in RDA
5 pages

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