Agenda for Annual Conference 2013, Chicago, IL


June 29 & July 1, 2013

Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access

2013 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL


Note: Links are provided to the documents listed on the agenda. These are working documents and are to be used as part of the rule revision process. They are not to be copied or distributed without permission from the Chair of CC:DA.

For easy printability, see Agenda for Annual 2013, Chicago, IL[Word].

Saturday, June 29, 1:00-5:30 pm

InterContinental Chicago, Camelot Room

  1. Welcome and opening remarks: Chair (1:00, 5 min.)
  2. Introduction of members, liaisons, and representatives: Group (1:05, 5 min.)
  3. Adoption of agenda: Chair (1:10, 5 min.)
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting held at 2013 Midwinter Conference, January 26 and 28, 2013: Chair (1:15, 5 min.)
    1. [Minutes of the meeting held at the 2013 Midwinter ALA conference in Seattle, Washington. January 26 and 28, 2013]
  5. Report from the Chair (1:20, 10 min.)
    1. [Chair’s report on CC:DA’s motions and other actions Feb. 1-June 25, 2013]
  6. Report from the Library of Congress Representative: Reser (1:30, 15 min.)
    1. [Library of Congress Report for Annual 2013]
  7. Report of the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee: Attig (1:45, 30 min.)
  8. Proposal on variant title as access point (RDA Attig (2:15, 20 min.)
    1. [Variant title as access point (RDA]
  9. Report from the TF on Relationship Designators in RDA Appendix K: Lipcan (2:35, 30 min.)
    1. [Task Force Report and Appendix K Revision Proposal]
  10. Break (3:05, 25 min.)
  11. Report from the TF on Instructions on Recording Relationships: Putnam (3:30, 30 min.)
    1. [TF on Instructions for Recording Relationships: Final Report (May 2013)]
  12. Report from the TF on Machine-Actionable Data: Lapka (4:00, 30 min.)
    1. [TF on Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3: Interim Report (May 2013)]
  13. Proposal from AALL on treaties: Hostage (4:30, 30 min.)
    1. [Revision proposal for RDA instructions for treaties]
  14. Report from the RDA Conference Forums and Programs TF: Abbas (5:00, 15 min.)
  15. Report from the RDA Planning and Training TF: Chair (5:15, 15 min.)


Monday, July 1, 8:30-11:30 am

InterContinental Chicago, Camelot Room

  1. Welcome and opening remarks: Chair (8:30, 5 min.)
  2. Report from the MARBI Representative: Myers (8:35, 15 min.)
    1. [to come]
  3. Report from ALA Publishing Services: Linker (8:50, 15 min.)
  4. Report of the CC:DA webmaster: Polutta (9:05, 10 min.)
  5. Report from the PCC liaison: Glennan (9:15, 15 min.)
    1. [PCC Report for CCDA June 2013]
  6. Report from the TF on Place Names: Rendall (9:30, 10 min.)
  7. Discussion Paper from OLAC/MusLA on technical and performing credits: McGrath and Snyder (9:40, 30 min.)
    1. [Discussion paper on the inconsistency between Chp. 2 & 7]
  8. Break (10:10, 15 min.)
  9. Proposal on alternate corporate identities: Chair for Schiff (10:25, 20 min.)
    1. [Pseudonymous corporate bodies]
  10. Proposal on colour content: Attig (10:45, 30 min.)
    1. [Colour Content (RDA 7.17)]
  11. Report from the Chair on CCS Executive Committee meetings; other new business; reports from the floor; announcement of next meeting, and adjournment: Chair (11:15, 15 min.)


Task Force on Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3

CC:DA/TF/Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3/1/Rev

March 5, 2013


ALA submitted to the JSC a discussion paper (6JSC/ALA/17) developed by the Task Force on Machine-Actionable Data Elements in Chapter 3.  In general, the JSC and its constituent bodies agreed that the issues raised in the discussion paper were worth further exploration, and encouraged ALA to continue working on these issues.  They also offered some comments and concerns.

The newly reconstituted Task Force on Machine-Actionable Data is charged to:

  1. Review the comments in the responses to 6JSC/ALA/17 and develop strategies for addressing them.
  2. Develop a proposal to add the FRBR element Extent of Expression to RDA.
  3. Develop a discussion paper to be submitted to the JSC on how the Aspect-Unit-Quantity model might be integrated into the RDA element set. Once the JSC has tentatively agreed to a strategy for modifying the element set, draft revision proposals for appropriate instructions for recording the Aspect, Unit, and Quantity elements for Extent and Dimensions and for recording textual Extent and Dimensions statements when the A-U-Q model does not provide sufficient identifying information.
  4. Develop another discussion paper, for consideration by CC:DA, on how the concept of machine-actionable data elements in RDA might be extended beyond elements containing quantitative information and beyond RDA Chapter 3.

The Task Force should work on these tasks in the order given above. If possible, it should present a draft proposal on adding the element Extent of Expression (task b) to CC:DA at Annual 2013.  For the other items, the Task Force should provide a status update at Annual 2013, an interim report at Midwinter 2014, and a draft discussion paper on changes to the RDA element set at Annual 2014 (task c).

Reports and proposals:

TF on Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3: Interim Report (May 2013)
Oral report (Midwinter 2014)
Oral report (Annual 2014)
Strawman Proposal: Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3 (Midwinter 2015)
Task Force on Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3 : Revision Proposal (June, 2015)
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