2017 Annual Conference Agenda, Chicago, IL

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Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access

2017 Annual Conference


Saturday, June 24, 1:00-5:30 pm

Palmer House, Adams Room

  1. Welcome and opening remarks: Chair (1:00, 5 min.)
  2. Introduction of members, liaisons, and representatives: Group (1:05, 15 min.)
  3. Adoption of agenda: Chair (1:20, 5 min.)
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting held at 2017 Midwinter Meeting: Chair (1:25, 5 min.)

Minutes of the meeting held at the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, January 21 and 23, 2017

  1. Report from the Chair (1:30, 5 min.)

Chair’s Report on CC:DA Motions and Other Actions, January-July 2017

  1. Report from the Library of Congress Representative: Reser (1:35, 15 min.)

Library of Congress Report

  1. Report of the ALA Representative to the RDA Steering Committee: Glennan (1:50, 45 min.)

RDA Steering Committee (RSC) activities as a whole, January-June 2017

  1. Report on the CC:DA 3R Task Group: Ros (2:35, 15 min.)
  2. Report of the MAC Representative: Myers (2:50, 10 min.)
  1. Break (3:00, 15 min.)
  1. Report from the PCC liaison: Randall (3:15, 15 min.)

PCC Report

  1. Report of the CC:DA webmaster: Guajardo (3:30, 10 min.)
  2. Report from ALA Publishing Services: Hennelly (3:40, 15 min.)
  1. Presentation on RDA Toolkit changes: Kuhagen and Hennelly (4:05, 30 min.)
  2. Presentation on RDA Meetings in Chicago: Dunsire (4:35, 45 min.)
  3. Other new business; reports from the floor; announcement of next meeting, and adjournment: Chair (5:20, 10 min.)


Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access

2017 Annual Conference


Monday, June 26, 9:00-11:30 am

Palmer House, Adams Room

The CC:DA meeting usually held Monday morning is cancelled in favor of a special discussion session, sponsored by the RDA Steering Committee. RSC will be gathering information and recommendations from members of specialist cataloging communities (cartographic, A-V, archival, etc.) about RDA’s coverage of their types of materials. CC:DA members, members of specialist cataloging communities, and other interested persons are welcome to attend. The discussion will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Palmer House, Adams Room.

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