Task Force on RDA Instructions for Heads of State and Heads of Government

CC:DA/TF/Heads of State and Heads of Government/1

August 9, 2010


The CC:DA Task Force on RDA Instructions for Heads of State and Heads of Government is charged with reviewing the current RDA instructions under 11.2.2 on Heads of state and Heads of government to address previously identified concerns of ALA that “the principle behind [having separate rules for recording the Heads of state and the Heads of government] is unclear. … [T]he instructions for these two kinds of officials [should] be consistent, particularly regarding choice of language”. The task force should consider the possibility of merging the two groups of instructions in a rational and principle-based solution, generating appropriate rules revisions to accomplish those ends.

Further, the task force should review the previously drafted proposal for Ruling Executive Bodies — 5JSC/RDA/Full draft/ALA response, p. 19 — to insure that it is consistent with the task force’s recommendations and proposal(s) regarding the instructions for Heads of state and Heads of government. The proposal regarding ruling executive bodies may be included in the Task Force’s proposal(s) or submitted separately.

The task force will submit an interim report at the 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting and a final report at least a month prior to the 2011 ALA Annual Conference. Proposals for consideration by the Joint Steering Committee should be submitted to CC:DA at least three months prior to the date of the JSC meeting. Continue reading

Agenda for ALA Annual Conference 2011, New Orleans, LA

Saturday, June 25 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Grand Salon C

  1. Welcome and opening remarks: Chair (1:30, 5 min.)
  2. Introduction of members, liaisons, and representatives: Group (1:35, 5 min.) [CC:DA/Roster/2010 July]
  3. Adoption of agenda: Chair (1:40, 5 min.) [CC:DA/A/64]
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting held at 2011 Midwinter Meeting, January 8, 2011: Chair (1:45, 5 min.) [Minutes of the meeting held at the 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego, California January 8, 2011]
  5. Report from the Chair (1:50, 10 min.) [Chair’s Report on CC:DA Motions and Other Actions December 21, 2010–June 16, 2011]
  6. Report from the Library of Congress Representative: Tillett (2:00, 25 min.) [Library of Congress Report, 2011 Annual] [RDA Transition FAQ from the Library of Congress]
  7. Report of the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee: Attig (2:25, 50 min.) [Revision of RDA 9.13, Affiliation] | [RDA Appendix A: Library of Congress proposal to the JSC] | [Date of manufacture (RDA 2.10.6): Library of Congress proposal to the JSC] | [“Selections” as used in RDA Chapter 6: Library of Congress reply to the JSC]
  8. Break (3:15, 30 min.)
  9. Revision Proposals from AALL: Hostage (3:45, 25 min.) [Revision of RDA Places in certain federations (Revised)]
  10. Report of the TF on RDA Instructions for Heads of State and Heads of Government: Winzer (4:10, 25 min.) [TF on RDA Instructions for Heads of State and Heads of Government: Final Report]
  11. Report of TF on RDA Instructions for Governmental and Non-Governmental Corporate Bodies: Randall (4:35, 25 min.)
  12. Report of TF on Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3: Rolla (5:00, 10 min.)
  13. Report from the RDA Programming TF: Abbas (5:10, 10 min.)
  14. Report from the RDA Training Task Force: Woodley (5:20, 5 min.) [ALCTS CCS RDA Planning and Training Task Force Report]

Monday, June 27 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Grand Salon C

  1. Welcome and opening remarks (8:00, 5 min.)
  2. Report from the MARBI Representative: Myers (8:05, 20 min.)
    1. [Report of the MARBI Liaison, 2011 Annual]
  3. Revision proposals from MLA: Scharff (8:25, 40 min.)
    1. [Changes to RDA Chapter 2 related to status of container as a source for description and to preference for collective title] | [Change to RDA 7.24 and Glossary, Artistic and/or Technical Credit]
  4. Report of the CC:DA webmaster: Polutta (9:05 15 min.)
    1. [CC:DA/Webmaster/2011/2: Webmaster report, June 27, 2011]
  5. Report from ALA Publishing Services: Linker (9:20, 20 min.)
  6. Report from the Chair on CCS Executive Committee meetings; other new business; reports from the floor; announcement of next meeting, and adjournment: Chair (9:40, 20 min.)
  7. Break (10:00, 30 min.)
  8. Joint meeting with SAC on the treatment of “subject” in the Functional Requirements models and on subject entities in RDA (10:30, 90 min.)
      1. John Attig: Introduction [Subject” entities and relationships in RDA]
      2. Gordon Dunsire: Treatment of subject in each model, reconciliation in the Registry, and considerations for future consolidation of the FR models [Subjects in the FR family]
      3. General discussion: LC Discussion paper on Group 3 entity chapters in RDA [6JSC/LC Rep/3: Chapters 12-16, 23, 33-37 (Group 3 entities and “subject”]