RSC Updated Operations Documents (Feedback & Response Period)

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NARDAC members have been asked to share six operations documents with our constituencies for feedback, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. CC:DA, please review and comment by September 24th.

The two most important documents to which CC:DA should respond are:

CC:DA members are also encouraged to read and respond to these additional operations documents:

RDA in English is Stable: Now what?

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The RDA Steering Committee thanks CC:DA for the opportunity to speak on several RDA-related topics during the CC:DA meeting on June 22, 2019.

Our overall theme is: RDA in English is stable: Now what?

The presentations:

* Introduction (Kathy Glennan, RSC Chair)
* Basic information about translation process (James Hennelly, Director, ALA Digital Reference)
* Basic information about policy statement development (Hennelly)
* Policy statement development from the BL perspective (Thurstan Young, British Library) (10 minutes)
* RDA in MARC (Young)
* Application profiles (Gordon Dunsire, RSC Technical Team Liaison Officer)
* Future processes for changes to RDA (Glennan)

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kathy Glennan
Chair, RDA Steering Committee